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The project

January 26, 2012

So I love having projects. It makes me more motivated.

The project at the moment is simple: finish four short stories before the end of January. Before next Wednesday. Then submit them to various literary magazines, hopefully getting published and rolling in the proverbial phat writer dough.

Yeah, that doesn’t exist. But the goal isn’t about the money: it’s about finishing things. It’s about developing a stable of creative works I can submit to various outlets and hopefully, eventually publish.

It’s about putting a period at the end of these stories sentences.

Right now four stories are involved: two literary shorts (both of which have no title but their main characters: Cassie Hester and Harry Japan (who still doesn’t have a goddamn last name I like)), a fantasy/historical short (“The Proper Kind of Magic”), and a sci-fi short short titled “The Cloud”.

I don’t feel like any of them are “ready”, but nothing will ever be ready until I actually am published. I never thought I was worth anything as a games writer until I published something, and then, suddenly, I thought I could write quality things pretty quickly. There’s just that first wall–that first publication–that is worrisome.

Of them all, I like Cassie Hester and “The Proper Kind of Magic” the most. Harry Japan isn’t there yet. Harry’s in the weeds. Those two are pretty much done, and “The Cloud” is a short short at about 800 words, which means that it’s been a relatively quick production. It’s been fun writing a short short; I need to write about writing it (hah) in the future.

It’s going to be a crunch, no doubt. Harry Japan is the problem. The other things are just about finished. I could do a lot of them today. But Harry…Harry needs a full rewrite. He needs to have one character become an entirely different character. The plan is to start on that today, once I finish editing Mal Griffin besides a final run-through (which will all happen on Tuesday, god willing).

So yeah. If you missed me, this is where I’ve been.

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