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February 3, 2012

Like I said before, blog is getting short shrift as I submit to everything, apply everywhere.

But I’ve submitted my first short story to a publication today. Will submit another tomorrow and another on Sunday if all goes well with the editing (and it should; all three stories were 95% done before today. They just need a new coat of paint). I’ve also been applying to pretty much any games writing venue you can think of, either for contributor positions or for freelancing opportunities. Because I am committed to making this happen.

For reference, here’s my to-do list right now:
-Build some more pitches so I can send out more freelancing emails.
-Edit both Cassie Hester (which still needs a title) and Harry Japan (who also needs a title. Half the editing work will be finding a fucking title).
-Post today’s After Pressing Start.
-Write my review of Pineapple Smash Crew, an indie game I’ve really enjoyed and which deserves something beyond a typical review (since so much of it is procedural).
-Finish my upcoming articles on Nightmare Mode.
-Finally finish my post for Digital Love Child; I’ve written a draft a day of this post for five days and it’s never gotten past its halfway point.
-Nightmare Mode editing.

That’s today and tomorrow. Probably a couple thousand words of writing, editing seven thousand or so of mixed sources. Sounds lovely. Let’s stop talking about it. Let’s do it!

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