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Welcome back!

February 21, 2012

Radio silence has, hopefully, ceased.

Here’s what’s happened in the two weeks since I’ve not posted here: I’ve submitted two stories to presses (Lore Magazine and Glimmertrain, marking the two most opposite sites I could possibly have submitted to!), I’ve written for a number of online publications, and I’ve submitted pitches left and…well, mostly left. Been working my ass off, basically, with the goal of making the mad money by freelancing games articles and selling short stories.

Last week was rough, though. My car got into a minor accident that caused a lot of headaches, though it drives fine, I’m fine, and it’s getting fixed soon. It set me back about a day or two, though, which was frustrating.

I feel great, though. I’ve got an idea I’m working on for a short story about the internet and obsession, once more combining my nerdy interests with literary fiction, and I’ve got a lot of good articles floating around in my brain. Speaking of which, I figure rounding up my many posts from the past couple weeks is a good idea, since I now post at more than one place (and hell, maybe you like reading my work!):

-A piece I thought hasn’t gotten enough attention is my piece on Everquest on Digital Love Child. Everquest was, absolutely, one of my favorite game experiences ever, and there are days when I wish I could just go back and replay it from its height. I’m hoping the upcoming free to play-ifying of the title will make it more lively then it has been.

-Also from Digital Love Child, Isaac, Unbound, on The Binding of Isaac, last year’s indie hit. Decent piece. Hard as hell to write, though.

-Surprisingly, most of my posts for Nightmare Mode over the past weeks have been either impressions, reviews, or part of my running series After Pressing Start. What Do Bosses Do? has been the exception to this rule, and it got me mentioned on Critical Distance; I’m extremely proud of the piece, I’m happy it’s done so well, and I’m hoping I learned a lot of good lessons from it.

-After pressing start has gotten a couple good entries, too. Tutorials, I will freely admit, was written in about an hour and a half before it was posted. It’s the best example of my “on the fly” work. Christ, it was hard to do. Writing little news pieces is pretty easy to manage–I mean, you just react–but writing a literal feature about how to fix tutorials in an hour and a half is tricky business. I’m not quite sure I pulled it off, and it seems the piece died a pretty quick death. Ah well. Much better received was my post on Super Metroid, which was much better thought out and I think served to illustrate my point about how the game sets itself up so quickly very well.

-Finally, two quick hits: I played the Diablo 3 beta thanks to a certain unnamed acquaintance of mine and wrote about it here, and I wrote about the Mass Effect 3 demo here. Neither is particularly noteworthy, but both were fun little pieces.

I plan to post here more often; twice a week is my goal. That feels like a good amount, considering I’m hardly a draw in and of myself. Perhaps a little more this week, because I have a couple things to talk about not appropriate to games related channels.

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